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Travelers of Tryphosa

Travelers of Tryphosa

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1 to 6 Players • 2 to 3 Hrs to Play • Age 14+

A team questing fantasy game about competing for adventure prestige. Earn points through quests, creature encounters, and special abilities. The team with the most points at end of game wins!

2023 Update: The latest rule book includes tutorial, character guide, cooperative mode, and more!


    • Select from 18 unique characters, level up and learn skills
    • Complete quests and encounters to earn points and gold
    • Choose encounter responses including combat, taming, riding, and more
    • Let the dice decide your fate, or use your Tenacity to overcome defeat



        • 216 cards, 1 rule book, 1 board map, 1 combat field mat
        • 168 tokens, 7 pawns and 6 six-sided dice
        • Both expansions unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign.


          • Game and Graphic Design by Rob Seib
          • Illustrations by Amy Longo and 張李衡
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