Art That Didn't Appear in Travelers of Tryphosa

Art That Didn't Appear in Travelers of Tryphosa

During game development, lots of ideas, mechanics and assets do not end up in the final product. Here are 4 pieces of Amy Longo’s artwork that never made an appearance in Travelers of Tryphosa.

Wolf Pack

My personal favourite of the four. They look cute but were actually a terrifying enemy. You rolled the dice to see how many wolves you fight. Of course I didn’t need to use those mechanics but the creature got removed anyway.

Nobleman’s Guard

He was hired by a super wealthy noble — thus the fancy armour. Mechanically he didn’t offer much different or unique but I liked his attitude.

Gargoyle Bat

I love the texturing Amy used on its body. It’s kinda creepy-cute as it gazes at you intelligently. In the end, I decided I love bats too much to risk having anybody kill them in the game.

Head Hunter

I like puns and the game is filled with silly humour. This one is even a little bit dark, which is probably why he didn’t make it. I guess he is destined to hunt heads in obscurity, poor little centaur.

Check out more of Amy Longo’s work here on Behance.

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