Travelers of Tryphosa

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A Fantasy Questing Board Game

Join the Adventure!

  • Dive into a party-vs-party strategy game with strong team cooperation.
  • Discover story-driven objectives and quests.
  • Decide how to overcome encounters with absurd creatures and citizens.
  • Determine the best strategy for your character.
  • Develop and level-up your party how you see fit.

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You can also play the game digitally today! It's free to play as long as you have a copy of Tabletop Simulator. Instructions Here


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Rob Seib

Game designer and world builder. Chat with me on Discord or shoot me an email at

Amy Longo

Illustrated the characters, creatures and box cover art. Find at Behance and Instagram.


Illustrated the item card art.

box of travelers of tryphosa travelers of tryphosa example game layout

How to Play (Video Playlist)

Gameplay Overview

The goal is to gain more quest points than your opponents by the end of the game. The game ends when one party has completed 8 total quests and encounters. Each round involves traveling, completing quests, buying items and abilities, potentially encountering a creature, and leveling-up your character.

A Questing Game

Level Up!

Many Ways to Play

We love to play this game in teams, but it's not the only way. Here are a few ideas (not exhaustive):

Example Characters

Each character contributes uniquely to the party with their abilities and has their own way of scoring bonus quest points. Here are some examples:

Liona Logan

Liona excels with ranged weapons. Her ability to tame animals awards the party extra quest points plus extra party members. She is very familar with all the forests of the land and can sense what kind of encounter might be up ahead. She cares for living things and refuses to initiate a combat against passive animals.

liona avatar
liona details

Omar Lathmar

Like all Draconics, Omar is an elemental with tough natural armour. His element is water. He thrives on hand-to-hand sparring and never flees a fight. He gains bonus points for the party when he fights without using any special boosts and can help the party cross bodies of water when needed.

omar avatar
omar details

Herowall Downybeard

Herowall is a humble, yet strong and compelling leader. His warrior skills are notable and he excels with all kinds of weapons. He has a way with people and can convince nearly anyone to join his side given time, which also happens to give the party bonus points. He has a strong sense of direction and is able to help the party move through the wild plains as though there are roads.

herowall avatar
herowall details

Example Quests

Each quest has a story, reward and objective. Here are some examples:

Bridal Escort Quest

Many quests require you to travel around to get things done. Basic quests like this one provide a clear objective and reward.

Garden Slugs quest

Some quests give you multiple options for completion. Select the one that makes the most sense with your party's strengths.

Postal Service Quest

Multi-part quests release multiple sub-quests that contribute to the same plot.

Sea Dragon's Gem Quest

Chain quests give you a series of quests you can complete in a row for extra points.

Example Creatures

There are several different ways of overcoming a creature encounter. Here are some examples:


This viscious beast is the scariest things about walking alone in the woods. You may try an ability such as Ride, Capture or Tame with some difficulty. If you fail, it attacks you!


Any animal handling ability would apply here such as Tame. You may also attack the little fellow if so desired.

elf assassin

A special ability on your character card may give you options such as convincing Rielian to join you. Otherwise he attacks and has a chance to get a free surprise attack!


This Lady will buy anything you have; you can even convince her your bowl of stew is rare and valuable! You could attack or use a special ability if you want.

Example Items

You can buy and sell items for your characters in any town. Here are some examples:


Perishable items are discarded upon use and usually provide some temporary effect.


Weapons may be equipped to a character to give them a different or more powerful attack.


Some items equip to the whole party and aid either sea or land travel.

boots of flight

This magical item grants the abilty to fly to any who wears it.

Example Abilities

Purchase abilities in any town to aware your character a greater variety of skills. Here are some examples:


Some abilities help you get around the world easier.


Animal handling abilities give you different options to overcome an encounter.

health spell

A supportive ability such as a healing spell is key to keep your party going.

double shot

Some abilities boost attacks you already know.


In this game, combat plays like a head-to-head card game. See the How-to-Play Guide for more examples. During combat, strategies may involve selecting the best target, selecting the best abilities or items and determing your combat position:

Combat is played in 3 phases per round: Attack, Response and Cleanup. You always get to take your actions in a round, even if you have reveived damage.


  • Each entity may attempt 1 damage-dealing ability.
  • Select a target a roll to attempt.
  • If you succeed, calculate damage.
  • Track damages using tokens.


Creatures do not use this phase. Each character may perform 1 response:

  • Use an ability such as Healing;
  • Use an item such as Dark Brown beverage;
  • Switch an equipped item such as a weapon or shield;
  • Move (switch combat position); or
  • Attempt to flee.


Remove any entity who now has damage greater than or equal to their health.

Example combat from the How to Play Guide:
example combat setup

The Lore of Tryphosa

The 9 Peoples

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The first sentient mortal beings in the world, Spirites were once powerful servants of the creator Goddess. After the Great Division, they chose mortality alongside her. Sprites are often elusive yet kind. Each one is intrinsically connected with an element of nature such as river, plant, or sky. As such, they live throughout the world. Their societies look much different than that of the other peoples.

Avila - Goblins and Elves

Not much is known about the original Avila, except that they were the keepers of language and magic, and they helped bring learning to every people. During the Age of the Queen they spread out among the deserts and forests.

The desert-dwelling Avila became Goblins, a loyal and cunning folk. Most live in the vast Geranti Desert and succeed in trade and labour. Today they are often mistrusted or feared due to the rise to power of a corrupt group of Goblins. Geranti is a massive desert of rolling dunes and little rainfall where a conflict rages. Lead by the cruel Goblin leader, Grok, the Strongs have ruled the desert for years. Time will tell if the unorthodox Disruptors will overthrow the establishment.

The forest-dwelling Avila became Elves, a wise and knowledgable race. Many live in Gentinia, a land of forest and plains, and excel in caretaking and acedemia. Some of the Elves chose a nomadic lifestyle and became "Wandering Elves".

Hodi - Halflings and Dwarves

The Hodi were industrious and inventive. They worked both hard and smart, and created many machines and systems. During the Age of the Queen they spread out, some to the hills and others the valleys. The entire region is known as Rohodi, which includes the luscious Green Vale and the rocky Cavernica in the South

The valley-dwelling Hodi became Halflings, a bright and cheerful folk. Many of them settle in Green Vale of the southwestern region and work as farmers, breeders, and teachers that thrive on home life. This small group produces most of the food in the world.

The hill-dwelling Hodi became Dwarves, a hardy and thoughtful folk. For a long time they were isolated from the rest of the world and dwelled in the southern hills, but spread out in recent years. They do well as engineers, craftsmen, or miners. In recent times the Dwarves opened the gates of the Crystal City, where structures and machines are beyond imagining.


From a love of horses Tryphosa created Centaurs, a people with many traditions. They make excellent foragers, warriors, and politicians. They mostly dwell in the great fields of Gentinia and share land and knowledge in a peaceful relationship with the Elves. On the border of their lands lies a trades town, Genmer, right next to a smoldering volcano.


From a love of birds Tryphosa created Avians, a proud race. Each Avian has wings of a bird: Eagle, Raven, Hawk, and many others. Their history tells of magnicificent floating cities. To this day they mostly live in the high northern mountains of Windaria, a cold, mountainous region with towering spires and luminous skies. Without roads, the terrain would be nearly impossible to traverse. Here lies the royal kingdom of Avians.


From her love of dragons Tryphosa made Draconics, a people of strength and will. Each is atuned with 1 of the 6 elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light, or Darkness. They find temperate ocean climates most suitable, and make excellent labourers and fighters. Their rulers dwell in Dragonest, a majestic, unnaturally-tall city entirely covering an island in the Draconic Sea, a hub of trade, exploration, and activity.


Tryphosa created a people with no remarkable features, or so it may seem. More than other races, Humans possess their maker's creativity and can accomplish many great things when they work together. Large populations dwell throughout Sufrania and beyond. Sufrania is a narrow region within Central Tryphosa containing the great city of Centralia. It seems to be one continuous valley dividing the world down the middle.

Fall of the Goddesses: An Origin Story

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Part 1: Origin

A great many years before mortals walked the land or explored the sea, there was One. Of beings this is greatest, most kind, and most terrible. The Halflings call Her Goddess of Life. The Draconics call Him Ruler. The Avian People call it "Origin". Origin had two daughters named Tryphosa and Tryphena, goddesses strong and beautiful. Tryphosa, thinker and inventor, was fascintaed with life and matter. Tryphena preferred experience and adventure, loving spirit and energy. They played in the Cosmos for ages.

1,000 years after the birth of the goddesses, Origin bestowed a two-fold gift upon each of them. Tryphosa received an empty world of water and soil, and the power of Creation. Tryphena received a massive, beautiful world teeming with life, and the power of Time.

Tryphosa was ecstatic. Her world was an empty sandbox of endless possibility. For an Age she formed hill, valley, and ocean; planted forest, field, and foliage; and created beasts of all varieties. All was well, but she was alone in the world. Tryphosa wished to dwell with others in her world. Many of her servants remained and became mortal Sprites, the first people. Then she created more beings capable of love and rational thought; these with the Sprites became the 9 Peoples of Tryphosa. There was the Avila, a fiery people of magic and language, who became Goblins and Elves. She also made the Hodi, folks of invention and industry, who became Halflings and Dwarves. These established stewardship over desert, forest, valley, and hill. Inspired by the beasts of Origin's design - birds, horses, and dragons - Tryphosa created the Avians, Centaurs, and Draconics. These established dominion over sky, field, and ocean. Then she created Humans after Origin's design.

Tryphena also received her world and never had she beheld such an astonishing place, its beauty and mass surpassing all others. Time and again she explored, rode huge beasts through fields, flew through great caverns and crags, and dove to the deepest sea trenches. All was well, but she felt unsatisfied. After a long while, Tryphena tired of what she was given and wanted more. She became bored and envious of her sister and began secretly corrupting the citizens and beasts of Tryphosa's realm, turning them against their creator and each other. Even then she remained unsatisfied.

Part 2: The Great Division

One day, Tryphena visiously attacked Tryphosa's world in an incredible blaze of destruction, killing large populations. Unprepared, Tryphosa tried to defend them by absorbing the power herself. It nearly destroyed her, and she called out Origin's secret name. Origin responded with rapidity and power, sealing Tryphena and Tryphosa in their respective worlds for their mutual protection and for the sake of the universe. No being could enter or exit either realm and Origin's heart was broken. Tryphosa became mortal and dwelled among the people as Queen, working to rebuild civilization. They entered the Age of the Queen, and vulnerability brought peace and unity for a long time. The Queen passed away leaving people to remember all she taught them.

Many forgot about the Queen and the world entered an Age of Decline. Remants of Tryphena's corruption caused famine, isolation and hostility. In such a world, some cannot stay in one place for too long. These are the Travelers of Tryphosa, the ones with a Quest.